Gospel Outreach: Packet Distribution

Gospel Outreach: Packet Distribution

Packet Distribution – 4th Sunday of the Month (11:30am – 1:00pm)

After Sunday Celebration, gather in the commons for a brief orientation and to pray together before we head out. Then, grab a snack, a map, and a bag of gospel packets. We will go to a specific neighborhood as a team to distribute packets and pray over the city.

During the winter months, we’ll go out after Sunday Celebration to take advantage of the daylight hours. Dress appropriately for the weather and to walk outdoors.

*** For everyone’s safety, this will be cancelled if temps are lower than 10° ***

Join the Gospel Outreach Group on church center to be notified about upcoming events. Join us to bring hope to 55337! Pray, Pack, Go!

About Gospel Outreach (Saturate)
Join us to bring the good news of Jesus to the city of Burnsville! Cornerstone has adopted the Burnsville zip code and our mission is to assemble and distribute gospel packets to every household in the area.

Learn more at Saturate or watch this informational video.