Community Groups

Community Groups

Jesus has designed the church to be a beautiful and practical expression of community–a gospel-shaped community. A gospel-shaped community is people doing life together, meeting each others’ needs, helping each other grow in faith, and make it across the Finish Line where Jesus waits. Our Community Groups provide a way for that life together to be experienced whether you have been in the church for years or are just connecting to our church family.

Questions & Answers

Q: What is a Community Group?

A: Community Groups meet in homes around the area two times each month. These groups provide a context where people are encouraged to grow in their faith in Jesus Christ and where practical needs are met as we live life together.

Q: What happens at Community Group?

A: Praying for one another, worshiping God, studying Scripture, topical studies, and relaxed times of fellowship.

Q: Where are the groups located?

A: Groups meet in area homes across the south metro. And in Minneapolis.

Q: What day/time do they meet?

A: Most groups meet twice a month on Wednesday or Thursday evenings or Sunday afternoons/evenings. Be sure to check the Community Group directory for each group’s schedule or contact the Community Group Host

Q: Are visitors welcome?

A: Yes! People new to the church are encouraged to attend. Community Groups provide a great way to get to know people.

Q: Are there groups aimed specifically for my season of life?

A: Cornerstone believes we benefit the most when our Community Groups reflect our diversity as a church. We encourage groups to be made up of every season of life including singles, families, and older adults.

Q: Which group should I attend?

A: The Community Group directory allows you to filter groups by neighborhood and other attributes such as childcare.

Q: What are my next steps?

A: Visit our Community Group directory and search for a group that fits your location.